Anti Solar Panels Can Generate Power Even At Night

solar panels

These days, we all aware with the solar panels, its uses and functionalities too. As we know that solar panels are devices which used to convert light into eletricity. There are different kinds of solar panels which help to generate electtricity but working with different methods. Today, we are talking about anti-solar panels. This name is also very known in solar industry. This is a different type of solar panel, yes it can produce electricity, but its way of working is different from the typic solar panels.

As solar panels work at the day time when sunlight is fully visible, hence solar panels absorb the sun light and convert this light into electricity during the photovoltaic method. Whereas anti-solar panels work in the night time and get the heating of Earth’s surface at night and convert it into electricity. This kind of solar panel inspired by the Davis researcher, who is developing this idea at University of California (UC). This panels work exactly in the reverse order of typical solar panels. According to this new research, it is obvious that now it is feasible to develop panels that could work around the clock.

The specifically developed photovoltaic cells could theoretically produce a quarter of the power they generate at the day time under most favorable conditions. The researchers affirmed the requirement to incorporate thermoradiative cells that could produce energy due to radioactive cooling. Radioactive cooling is the way through which a body loses heat through thermal radiation. The thermoradiative cells are being checked in fields such as manufacturing, where they are utilized to turn escaping heat into the electricity.

The brief description about anti-solar panels has published in a newspaper in the journal ACS Photonics. The researchers have exact information about anti-solar panels like how they developed anti-solar panels and how it work due to radiative cooling. There are some folks like Jeremy Munday intrested to know how it works and what happened they took any anti-solar panels and put into warm area and pointed towards the sky, so what will happen. Hence, the their team experimented the devices of panels with different kinds of materials, which tend to concentrate on visible light to develop an effective panel that could access the night sky and space as a heat sink. Munday, also remarked that the physics was the same in both the way to produce electricity, only using different kinds of material.

Yes, it is true that both the ways can generate electricity from the sunlight, but this new research emereges as an inexpensive way which can keeo working solar cells 24 hours. This is the amazing feature of anti solar panels. According to the researchers, this anti solar panels has efficiency to help serve electrical power at night and day time through the intelligent use of materials science, photonics, and optics.


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