Israel targets 16 GW of solar capacity by 2030 with new plan


Israel will be looking to hit 16,000 MW of installed solar power generating capacity by 2030 as part of a new plan worth ILS 80 billion (USD 23.1bn/EUR 20.5bn).

The energy ministry of Israel released the plan on Monday, saying that the country’s target for solar power production will be increased to 30% by 2030 from the current goal of 17%. There will also be an interim target of 17%-20% by 2025. Solar power held a 5% share of Israel’s electricity mix at the end of 2019, Reuters reported.

The new plan envisages solar plants generating over 80% of the country’s total power at peak hours. Meanwhile, air pollution is seen to be reduced by 93% at the end of the decade compared to the levels registered in 2015.

The programme also calls for the addition of significant amounts of energy storage capacity.

According to energy minister Yuval Steinitz, private firms will be responsible for the majority of new solar installations.


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