Kenyan floating solar crowdfunding bid could again finish up smelling of roses


German energy start-up Ecoligo previous year successfully raised enough investment by its crowdfunding platform to invest a 75 kW solar system for the Rift Valley Roses flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya.Now the Rift Valley business is targeting to set up what Ecoligo claims would be the nation’s first floating solar project – a 69 kW system on one of the firm’s two reservoirs.

Ecoligo is targeting to develp €126,000 from small scale investors keen to commit €100-25,000 using its crowdfunding platform and opened the plea yesterday. The investment period for the project is four years with an projected 6% annual return on offer and a 0.5% premium for “early bird” commitments developed before July 19.

The floating project planned would feature German equipment in the form of 216 solar modules supplied by Solarwatt and four Kaco inverters. A Kenyan contractor has been awarded the construction contract.

Ecoligo said it expected 1,628 kWh to be generated annually from each kilowatt installed with all the power produced used by the flower farm.


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