Profits of wind and solar power forecasting in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market


Precise short-term power predicts can make the most of the value of energy from renewables capitals in Mexico. With the opening of the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (“MEM”), it is an compulsion of the MEM Participant of irregular generation such as wind and solar, to serve the grid operator (CENACE) with short-term power predictions for two reasons: 1) Filing Sale Orders for the Day Ahead Market; and 2) Provide CENACE with the necessary inputs to help reliable and efficient grid operations.

DNV GL has been providing forecasting services since 2003, and we are currently forecasting for over 50 GW of renewables around the world, including Mexico. In this webinar, we will present state-of-art forecasting methodology and their accuracy levels achieved in Mexico.

The webinar will be jointly presented with Zuma Energía, an independent renewable energy producer with a portfolio of over 800 MW of wind and solar projects, which DNV GL are currently forecasting for. Zuma Energía will be sharing their stories on the collaborative approach we took to improve the forecast accuracies, and the value of accurate forecasts”.


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