Sterling And Wilson Solar Limited Obtains Apportunity to Commence First Solar Project In Oman


Sterling and Wilson Solar Limited (SWSL) has become the first Indian company to commission a solar photovoltaic (PV) project in this region, a company release said.

Sterling and Wilson Solar Limited  has announced a good news on this Tuesday. In this news, the company has declared that they have commissioned their first solar project in Oman which is 125 MW solar projects.

At the time of announcement, company felt so proud to commision their first solar photovoltic project in this region. Company had received the order from Amin Renewable Energy Company SAOC.

Sterling and Wilson Solar has started a chain of high-performing solar power projects internationally and has to its acclaim around 9.2 GWp projects in different geographies. SWSL also runs a portfolio of 7.4 GWp of O&M projects worldwide.


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